Happy International Archives Day!

IAD14Did you know that the 9th of June is the International Archives Day? Maybe you had the opportunity to celebrate it in your country, through activities and events organized by National or local archival institutions, or professional associations, like in Senegal, Japan, or municipalities as in Catalonia.

All around the world, professionals will unite their voices on the 9th of June to make you understand why it is important to support archives and the profession. An excellent opportunity to discover or better know our profession, and to get in closer touch with a fascinating domain!

Why an International Archives Day?

One might think that we have got a full calendar of international days to celebrate. However the public’s image of the archives is foggy: often confused with libraries, archives continue to be perceived as documents for internal use only, which are difficult to access and are of interest only to historians. The perception of records and archives by the public and the organizations that create them is not clear. This troubled image has an impact on the financial and human resources that responsible managers and administrators dedicate to records and archives operations and/or institutions.
International Archives Day: a great occasion for the whole network!

Today the website http://www.internationalarchivesday.org/ shows copies of archive images linked to the locality in which archivists work.

Link to the picture of the Kreisarchiv Siegen-Wittgenstein.

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